“Suzann was an integral part of my business. She excelled in sales management and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would give Suzann my highest recommendation.”
Candace Westlake, was Suzann’s client
“Suzann Clark is a skilled leader in the field of Sales and Marketing. Her assertive, goal-oriented nature has enabled her to enjoy consistent success in meeting her sales quotas. During our mutual employment with Republic Telecom, I had the pleasure of witnessing these traits and her achievements. I consider it a privilege to know and work with Suzann, a true, knowledgeable and talented professional.”
Joly Lasater, Customer Service Manager, Star2Star Communications, LLC, worked with Suzann at Republic Telecom
“I have worked with Suzann and found her business sense to be impeccable. She has strong integrity and is truly focused on providing her customers/clients with the best possible solution. She is fair and quite knowledgeable in the IT/Telecom industry!”
Jennifer Renforth, President, ComAdvisors, LLC , worked directly with Suzann at Republic Telecom
“Suzann has been a joy to work with and has shown great patience in training and follow up with Ansley Communciations in our venture into Hosted VoIP. Donald L. Ansley – CEO – Ansley Communications Group, Inc.”
Don Ansley, Sales, Ansley Communications , worked directly with Suzann at Freedom Voice Systems
“Suzann provides a level of proffesionalism that seems to been lost witrh the new generation. Ask a question, get an answer, if she doesn’t know it she will find it and get back directly. Being a former Marine, Suzann reminds me of a sailor I met in Shangai ( very salty verbage) but overall it is and will always be my pleasure to work with Suzann.”
Bob Beck, Business development, nexgensources, LLC, was with another company when working with Suzann at Freedom Voice Systems
“Suzann has gone above and beyond to ensure the smoothest boarding process for new accounts and has fought for me to accommodate my clients needs. She is an excellent channel manager and it has been a pleasure working with her.
Jon Pastore, CEO, Jon Pastore Inc ., was with another company when working with Suzann at Freedom Voice Systems
“Suzann is a great business partner and is extremely knowledgeable in her product and company. Suzann also has great business acumen which is extremely important for Square Clover as she is able to understand what drives our decision making process and incorporate her solution to fit within our model.”
Jon Hobday, COO, Square Clover, Inc, was with another company when working with Suzann at Freedom Voice Systems
“Square Clover represents over 46 carriers. One of those carriers is Freedom IQ. What separates Freedom IQ from other carriers are their people. The support we and our customers receive is second to none. What is extremely import to our success is our relationship with the Channel Manager and we have the best. Suzann goes above and beyond her responsibilities to help our team be successful. She is extremely knowledgeable on the companies product set and is a true asset to our team. It is rare to find such a strong combination in a channel manager. we are fortunate to have Suzann working with us.”
Randy Madge, President, Square Clover, Inc , was with another company when working with Suzann at Freedom Voice Systems
“I give high accolades to Suzann Clark and FreedomIQ. I’ve really enjoyed working with Suzann since last year when she joined the company. She brings a wealth of experience to the company. Having walked the walk of a typical telecom dealer, she GETS it! There have been innumerable instances where I needed her help and counsel to find just the right combination of products and pricing to win a customer (and get them installed correctly) and she has come through for me every time. She delivers as she promises, on-time and with a persistence seldom seen in a service provider. (And of course she does it with a smile.) As I say at least once per week when asked, FreedomIQ is my favorite business/carrier partner, and Suzann is a big part of why. Please call me at 800-899-8642 FREE to discuss more about Suzann and/or Freedom Voice.”
Michael T. H. LeBlanc, was Suzann’s client
“Our organization has the privilege of Suzann Clark as our Channel Manager with Star2Star Communications. No one works harder to ensure we are taken care of with ANY of the products and services we offer. Suzann handles day to to business with integrity and will always go the extra mile for us, and our customers. Night and day she has been available and has never once let us down or not gotten back to us in a timely fashion. Anyone working with Suzann will have the same experience and I fully trust her with our business and clients. Please feel free to reach me directly if you have any concerns or questions with Suzann and Star2Star Communications.”
Jackson Haskins, Sales Engineer, Kangas & Associates , was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“Having been in the industry for over a dozen years, and dealt with multiple manufacturer reps over that span, Suzann is at the top of the list as the best there is. She is a true partner that is always there when you need her. She is results oriented and goes above and beyond to always find a way. Suzann is not only a Business Partner, but a friend. We truly value having her on our team.”
Travis Joyner, CTO, I-Connect Solutions, was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“Suzann is driven, knowledgeable and helpful just to name a few of her outstanding qualities. Suzann and I had the privelage of working together from 2010 on and she made the relationship with Star2Star very productive and enjoyable. She is innovative and perceptive to the needs of dealers. I would recommend over and over.”
Brooke Henderson, Marketing Manager, Teleco of Wilmington , was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“In my 30+ years in the industry I have worked as a vendor representative and worked with numerous vendor reps. Suzann has what it takes to make a difference. She is knowledgeable of the industry and her product. She is forthright, honest and the consummate professional. When requests are made she makes things happen even by going beyond the original request and developing other alternatives to find a solution. She is a true and dedicated partner to us and a benefit to our organization and Star2Star.”
Tom Rader, COO, I-Connect Solutions, LLC , was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“Suzanne is a smart, savy business woman. She provides her channel partners with knowledge and wisdom on anything from product details, to marketing strategies. She is honest, caring and with her great sense of humor she quickly becomes a friend and trusted advisor. I will always sing her praises. Anyone who gets to work with Suzanne will make more money and have fun doing so.”
Margarita Purvis, Vice President of Sales, Area Communications, Inc. , was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“Suzann was our Regional VP of Sales at Star2Star. The lines of communication were always open with Suzann. When we had an issue, she was always their to listen and give recommendations on how to handle it. I have always valued her opinion, though it was not always what I wanted to hear. She did not sugar coat it. She always would hit you right between the eyes. That is what is missing in the business world today. Suzann’s skill-set is what helped her to achieve great success at Star2Star.”
Doyle Blalock, CEO, I-Connect Solutions, was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“I have had the pleasure of supporting Suzann and her south east region. Suzann demonstrated leadership, tenacity, and wisdom that is infectious. She makes you want to succeed at your position. Suzann is one of the best teammates I’ve had and for myself, I’ve grown from working with her. Communication was necessary in order to succeed; we were always on the same page and Suzann was open to sharing ideas and finding a solution when a problem arose. Building relationships and maintaining them is the key to success in sales- Suzann exemplified this. As productive and vital to the sales team as Suzann is, she is even better as a friend and colleague.”
Jason McGowan, Account Manager, Star2Star Communications, LLC , worked directly with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“I had the privilege of working with Suzann for several years on numerous projects. She is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Suzann is one of those rare people with the ability to effortlessly make everyone in her presence instantly feel at ease. Suzann’s knowledge of telephony is invaluable. She is able to gather pertinent information from a prospective customer and regularly proposes a solution then and there. I learned a great deal about customer relationships working with Suzann and sorely miss her expertise and advice. Suzann would be a considerable asset to any business.”
Debbie Reid, Telecommunications Project Manager, Area Communications, was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“Regardless of the size of the task, the value of the order, or the level of complication of an individual order, Suzann went above and beyond to ensure all parties worked together and were at ease with each step in the sales and service process. Customers loved her and so did the back office team responsible for implementing and supporting the customer accounts she managed. She was a tremendous asset to the sales team, and a friend and compatriot to all other teams at Star2Star.”
Anne Keefer, worked with Suzann
“I worked with Suzann for about 3 years at Star2Star Communications. I was new to the communications industry at the time and I was assigned to support Suzann as an inside sales representative. During that time Suzann was the best mentor I’ve ever experienced. She genuinely cares about her customers and partners and is always willing to jump in and help where ever necessary. Suzann taught me most of what I know about this industry which I credit to my success within the company since I started. I would describe Suzann as a self-motivated, hard-working and sincere. If I had an opportunity to work with Suzann again, I would most certainly do so.”
Brian Asher, worked directly with Suzann
“I had the pleasure of working with Suzann for a couple of years. She was dedicated to ensuring that my needs and desires were always met. If we ever had issues that were out of her realm of responsibility, she ensured the proper people were notified instead of telling us to contact them and she followed up until the issues were resolved. I miss working with her and hope to be able to work with her again in the future.”
Darrin Powers, Installation Manager, Teleco of Wilmington, was with another company when working with Suzann at Star2Star Communications, LLC
“Suzann is someone that the moment that I met her, I knew we would be great friends and business partners. She is so passionate about her work. She drives me crazy being so focused and detailed oriented. I own a small business in rural Georgia and just knew that the “Rural” Georgia would scare Suzann off, when I reached out to her about VOIP phone solutions for our Clients. Well, not Suzann, she hit the grown running and helped us establish our VOIP division of our Company. Her commitment and dedication to her job and promises are without doubt, one of her greatest qualities.”
Tammy McCrary, was Suzann’s client